On the search for a new job?

If so, I either have good news or bad news for you.

Since I’ve been searching for “real” jobs lately, I find myself being drawn into articles like these: “8 College Degrees with the Worst Return on Investment.” While these articles may actually be beneficial, they scare me quite a bit.

Why do they scare me?

Number 1 on the list: Communications. Even though I do not directly have a communications degree, I did study Mass Communications with an emphasis on public relations. So this leads to the question: How good is a bachelor’s degree alone?

From multiple sources, I’ve been told to look for a good master’s program. I’ve been on the search for a program in the United States and I’ve been terribly let down. Nothing sounds quite as interesting as I had hoped.

More graduate students consider study abroad.

I have always been interested in doing a master’s program in Germany. And I found out that more people are trying to study abroad during graduate/master’s programs.  Unfortunately, American schools give little to no scholarships or help students in any capacity to study abroad. But they invite a high number of people to study within the United States.

Is it ideal to go to a master’s program?

Doing a master’s program, in any country, seems to be ideal for employers. How else can you get three to five years experience at an “entry-level” position?


What are your thoughts? More importantly, should I get a master’s degree, especially if I want to work abroad?

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2 thoughts on “On the search for a new job?

  1. abigailrosebarefoot says:

    I think it really depends on what you want to do for a career. Many journalism/PR jobs look more at experience than what degrees you have, regardless of where you got them. If you want to work abroad, I would suggest building a portfolio that shows your knowledge/understanding of world affairs, focusing on the area where you want to live or the topics you would like to cover.

    For building experience, that’s always the hard part after college. We all know journalism/PR is not keen on paid internships, but there are some great opportunities to work in online as part of a blogging/online newspaper team. (I can pass them along as I see them) This way you can have a blah part time job to pay the bills and use the online job to build your portfolio.

    I do have one friend getting her Ph.D. abroad, so if you want I can give you her contact information, so you can get some advice of how to pay for school, scholarships, that sort of thing.

    That’s just my two cents from a Mass Communication major with a focus in PR to another 🙂

  2. Thanks for the input! Always nice to hear from a fellow Mass Comm major.

    Do you know any good places to look for a blogging/online newspaper job?

    Also, it would be really nice to get some advice from your friend if she has no problem with that. I am definitely thinking of doing a master’s program in Europe if I can find a good one. so any bit of help would be fantastic.

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