Reproductive rights, or lack thereof

The topic of pro/anti-choice has been a main part of platforms for politicians for as long as I can remember, but throughout this election, the topic has become much more emphasized. I find this to be very important because it is an issue that deserves to be addressed. The part that honestly bothers me is the fact that so many people (i.e. Republicans for the most part) simply make things up and unfortunately what ends up being brought up is the fact that women honestly don’t matter. We women are simply there to be incubators for a fetus and become a baby making machine. From the way people speak and write about women’s reproductive rights, it seems that women have less of a choice with their own bodies.

Over the past few months, the false information (mostly from the male conservative population) that is being spouted out is incomplete and offensive. These comments vary from the thoughts of “legitimate rape” to “some women rape easy.” But what do these comments say about women? Mostly it all boils down to real facts not being given and women being treated as though they have no idea what they are doing and that they need guidance to take care of themselves.

Another point to recognize is that the government doesn’t just try to only control women who have actually conceived a child, they also want to control women who are pre-pregnant. This thought of “pre-pregnancy” is made so that women finally know take care of themselves before having child because eventually, you too, will become a baby making machine ready to add many children to the American population.

But it is not only making “suggestions” for women to constantly be ready to prep themselves for having children; many people would like to see (and have actually put into effect) laws made to punish women who do not take care of children in an absolutely perfect manner. For example, after a women refused to get a C-section, she was brought up on murder charges and laws in some states allow the arrest of pregnant women who are caught drinking.

The list goes on and on and basically this shows that many people think women have absolutely no idea what they are doing. Honestly, no one wants a child to be born with problems due to excessive drug or alcohol use or any sort of problem due to lack of care. But think of this logically, how many women who are having children are out just blatantly ignoring their and the health of the child?

At the end, I would just want to say that women are not idiots that have no idea how to take care of their bodies. They deserve completely to have the choice of what to do and no people who obviously have no idea what they are talking about (due a lot to the lack of their medical knowledge) should be telling anyone what to do with their bodies.

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4 thoughts on “Reproductive rights, or lack thereof

  1. Sure women aren’t idiots but do they know what Jesus prophesied about this subject? Take a look at my post maybe it might mean something to you.

  2. Thanks for reading and the comment. But I must say that this movement for anti-choice is not about religion, it is not about “what Jesus prophesied” so that argument is moot. This entire article was about the fact that this movement isn’t even about the fetus, it is about the control of women. If reproductive rights were supported for women, there would be an easier access to birth control, there would be better sexual education and there would be heavy research done to work on preventing miscarriages and why many zygote implants fail to work. This is not about religion and not about babies, this is all about control of women and the unapproved sex that the women are having in the eyes of conservative people.

    • Jesus isn’t a religion and what He prophisied is coming to past and has came to pass, I can show you many and many places in the Word of God that has already come to pass. This is just one that needs to be acknowledged. All you have to ask is why women want an abortion, other than the fetus being deformed or maybe the mother isn’t healthy enough. I mean take a survey, and ask why? Besides this, any sex outside of marriage is defiled as the word of God states in Hebrews 13:4, Religion is just an excuse to find loop holes in obedience to all of God’s word. We are coming to the end of the Gentile church being grafted in the natural olive tree (which is Christ), for He is going back to the Jews to graft them in again this is why I am trying to use this avenue to spread His word.
      And I appreciate our discussion.

  3. I do appreciate the comments and I believe that having a discussion is good, but the point I made in this post was completely missed. I still hold to my earlier comment: religion has no place in this blogpost.

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